Siddhartha Sahu

Senior CSE Undergraduate

BIT Mesra

  • sh.siddhartha [AT]
  • +91 7209429637
  • Room 3, Hostel 1, BIT Mesra
  • Curriculum Vitae

I am a 4th year undergraduate student of Computer Science at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra.

I am primarily interested in Programming Languages, how to best capture the programmer's intent using various programming constructs and paradigms, and efficiently converting that to actual executing code. I'm also fascinated by the interplay between various computer science fields, esp. Networking & Communication, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems and Information Assurance & Security

I am a FOSS enthusiast and identify with the Hacker attitude.

What I have worked on

  • Administrator, Direct Connect Hub, BIT Mesra (2013-2014)
    Worked on setting up a server on Arch Linux, with LAMP stack, SSH, and Verlihub NMDC Server. Wrote a custom python script for the Verlihub server management. Created local mirrors of Arch Linux and Ubuntu repositories.
  • Contributor, KDE Telepathy
    KDE Telepathy is an IM Client built using using KDE Technologies. My contributions
  • Intern as Tech Wizkid, (2012-present)
    Worked on server deployment on linode, parallels and Amazon EC2. Responsible for server management using ssh, cron, rsync, git. Developed an admin panel for backed monitoring and statistics of site usage. Working on developing an integrated mailer system.


Arch Linux Build Helper A bash script to manage building group of packages.
Coursera Downloader A python script to download course contents from
Cyberoam Client PyQt Application for managing Cyberoam server sessions.
Automata from RE Regular expressions converted to e-NFA, DFA and minimised DFA.
NFS Reloaded A simple car racing game built using the Turbo C++ graphics.h for GUI.
...and others which can be found in my github account.